Producitivity Tools

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Updated: 2020-02-01

This blog post is a summary of a team lunch & learn, special thanks to our awesome senior engineers for sharing their knowledge to improve productivity. I will continuously update this post as I learn more, and dedicated blog will be posted if a subject is worth to go in detail


Pandocs is a universal document converter. It can converts document formats like Markdown, HTML, PDF, LaTex, **Jupyter Notebook **, and even Microsoft Word. This comes in handy when you need more granular control on the document and can easily convert it to LaTex, Word or HTML.


Typora is a Markdown editor and reader which provides seamless live preview and many accessibility features like Import & Export to different file formats, Auto Pair and Focus Mode. This blog is written with Typora.


Kitty is a fast GPU based terminal emulator which has many plugins and is very customizable.


Wox is a launcher for Windows, similar to Alfred on MacOS.


Byobu is a open source text-based window manager and terminal multiplexer.

SSH config

SSH config comes in handy when you have to manage tens or hundreds of servers. Some basic functionalities I'm using are Host, User, IdentifyFile, ControlMaster, ControlPath, and Host keyword/wild card matching.

Richard has a great post on this topic Basically you need to create a bare repo at $HOME and create alias for git to use $HOME as the work tree

Windows 7 shortcuts

windows + left snaps current window to left half of the screen
windows + right snaps current window to right half of the screen
windows + up maximize current window
windows + down minimize current window
crtl + alt + arrow keys rotate screen accordingly
crtl + shfit + arrow keys to move current window to different screens

Chrome extensions

crx Mouse Gestures

crx Mouse Gestures enables mouse navigation, useful when your mouse doesn't have navigation buttons builtin

The Great Suspender

I like to create new tabs whenever I google something new, The Great Suspender automatically suspend unused tabs to free up system resources

Session Buddy

Chrome tab, bookmark and session manage tool, auto records current sessions. I haven't used this too much, but this might be a great replacement for chrome history


Cloud is not free, Wakeup and SSH to your home computer remotely